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Digital Strategy / Website Design / Branding

Athene Law, LLP


As enormous and diverse as the law industry in the US is, I was referred to a boutique law firm in San Francisco by my RI clients, HCL. Athene Law was new, but the partners were some of the busiest and most sought after healthcare lawyers in California. This meant that they were already incredibly busy and yet had no web presence whatsoever. They also had a rushed and ill conceived logo done by a friend that did not represent them nor their mission to be a trailblazing firm, unafraid to innovate the traditional role of legal council. Experts on California Healthcare Law, they were unique in that their team was distributed allowing them to take on cases throughout the entire state of California. It was clear that their goal in hiring me was not find new clients, but

to help define who they were as a new company and to give them a visual identity they would be excited and proud to show the world. 

They needed a brand that was as "next generation" as they were.

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