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Digital Strategy / Website Design / Branding

Shaelyn Cataldo


In the spring of 2019, Shaelyn approached me about building a website. She had just finished her training in a number of different types of coaching modalities and was super excited and motivated to offer her services to the world.

She had started building her own website and was quickly frustrated when she turned to me.


It looked like a generic template and did not at all represent who Shaelyn was or what she could offer.

BEFORE (DIY Template)
Before Website
Shaelyn Cataldo Website

Working with Shae was a true partnership and to this date the greatest client experience I have had. She was engaged in every aspect of the process and was both curious and trusting.  Her desire to convey her messaging and develop a brand that was both authentic and appealing was so strong, she inspired me every day to bring my best.

This process was also the most challenging one I have undertaken as a web designer and brand strategist. Shaelyn has SO much to say and such a distinctive voice and we needed to craft the content in a way that was digestible and relatable while not watering down her message at all. 

Visually it also created a challenge in how to use her web real estate in a way to keep her reader engaged by breaking up long stretches of narrative text by using lighter visual elements like icons and animated boxes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 9.25.35 PM.png

Shaelyn was courting a smart, professional woman, so we always had to be conscious that the visual language never became “cute” or overtly “insta-worthy”. 


Her color palette also needed to be both soft and strong, feminine and elegant but with pops and flairs of girly energy.

Shaelyn Cataldo.png

Scroll through more images from her site or visit her website and see Shaelyn's magic for yourself.

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