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Whether on a stage or on a screen,

curiosity and humanity drive everything I do.

I have spent my life building worlds and telling stories, driven by empathy, authenticity and a fierce desire to make an impact on my audience.


I was a performer from the time I was six years old and when I was 23 years old and starring in the musical RENT, I realized that my job, my dream, was nothing like I had envisioned. It was not actually creative or dynamic or stimulating in the way I hoped it would be. I then spent 8 incredible, challenging, exhausting years as a casting director on Broadway before moving to Tel Aviv and beginning a new career in digital design and content strategy. I can now be found living in Miami, captaining my own ship, designing strategy, websites, user research, branding, and content for small businesses.


I received my undergraduate degree from Brandeis University in Theater and Philosophy and recently, my graduate degree from Parsons School of Design in Strategic Design and Management. I decided to pursue a Masters for two reasons:

to engage my intellect and curiosity in a dynamic, compelling and highly relevant field 


to hone skills that have been instinctual and build a toolkit with which to confidently approach any problem with a thoughtful, deliberate, human centered process.

The same things that drew me to the stage are what eventually drew me to design: empathy, curiosity, storytelling, risk taking, an appreciation for visual aesthetics and collaboration with people driven by the desire to make something unforgettable. 

But what excites me about design as a process is the chance to solve problems creatively, to explore the unconventional or unexpected solution and to make things that can have real world impact on the people we design for.

Read nice things people have said about me.

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Stuff that makes me happy or inspire:

Protecting and preserving our planet 

Being Outdoors




Post-exercise endorphins

Local food

Game of Thrones podcasts


Seth Godin, Deepak Chopra, Albus Dumbledore and Ayn Rand


Learning about space. And dinosaurs.

Nice Stuff People Have Said About Working with Me
"From her first interview, I saw a creative, insightful, enthusiastic person that I wanted on my team. Sara proved to be capable of adapting to the many changing conditions and demands of our young department in a fast growing tech start-up. Sara took on new challenges willingly with energy and an ability to act decisively and devise creative solutions. It was natural for her to become the leader of her team, not long after her arrival.
Having come from a very different background prior to joining Wix, Sara was able to learn both design and technological concepts and protocols quickly and implement them with natural innate ability.
Sara set the pace for her team and motivated those around her to strive for excellence as she always did. She asked thoughtful questions and actively sought answers and solutions in order to improve our products and our users’ experience. She also actively sought feedback in order to learn how she herself could grow."

Daphna Ofek 

Former manager (WIX), Google/Waze Product Manager, VP Product & Design at MOVEZ 

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