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I am a Miami-based designer, who traded a life of telling authentic, engaging stories on Broadway stages to designing authentic, engaging digital user experiences that make people want to stand up and applaud.

I'd love to show you some.

Or read more about how I got here.

Selected Work / Design Strategy

Design Strategy
Colorful Office
Design Strategy / Leadership


In my four years as Content Team Lead in the Tel Aviv Design Studio, I drove the creation of hundreds of templates and collaborated on many of the most important products Wix has introduced to the market.

Design Strategy / Research / Product Design

Planet Watch

Parsons School of Design Masters Thesis

How a new home and a flight I'd taken dozens of times, gave me a front row seat to climate change and set me on a journey to examine how everyday people feel about the future of the planet and the love/hate relationships we all have with the idea of living sustainably.


Web Design / Branding / Digital Strategy

Web Design
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